Brand Spotting

So, I came across this very interesting thing today and naturally, I thought I should share.

This one might take up a bit of your time, so Sky+ your TV programmes because you're just going to have to watch them later.

Welcome to 'Brand Wonderland' - it's so beautiful, isn't it? The aim of the game is to see whether you can spot and decipher 60 popular brands. They are all very possible! Some are more obvious than others so, it took me about 40 minutes to get all 60 (I wasn't concentrating much!).

Let's see how you do. Click on the image below to play.

(Switch to English by clicking on the UK flag)


Fat Ho Burgers

What the...why would...anyone...what?

On a less crude note, check this out peoples. You can search any category and Instagram will let you see it. Amazing. Naturally, the default is set to 'cats' (it has something to do with the internet liking cats or something...). I recommend searching for peanuts, because I like the way they look (and what of it?).

I'll have a sloppy ho to go please.