The 10 Bestest and Funniest Tumblr Blogs Around

...according to me that is.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't claim to know of every Tumblr blog that exists but there are certainly some brilliantly funny ones out there.

And here they are:

selleckwaterfallsandwich.tumblr.com - now we start with this one. Why? Because pretty much everyone knows about it already. And it's still funny now even though it's proper mainstream.

lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com - why did I never think of this one myself?

bubleraptor.tumblr.com - I love the Buble. He's a sexy man.

dadsaretheoriginalhipster.tumblr.com - yeh that's right! Your dad is cooler than you.

ridiculouspicturesofcelinedion.tumblr.com* - Came across this very recently. Who knew there were so many?

rhythmisadanson.tumblr.com - Ok, so this is my own but it's allowed right? It is according to me after all. Come oooooooooon, let me have it. Yes!

sleepylauren.tumblr.com - There are some gems in there which make you 'LOL' or the occasional 'ROFL'.

clientsfromhell.net - You could get carried away reading the whole thing when you don't have anything to do.

flyingscotsman.tumblr.com - Funny Scottish guy with great little finds.

stockphotogirl.tumblr.com - We all wondered but never had the guts to say it. No? Just me then (and the dude wot wrote it obviously!)

So there you have it. Consider yourself spoiled.

* So, they removed the Celine one. Turns out Celine Dion doesn't have a sense of humour. Unfortunately, you will just have to imagine just how ridiculous it was. The levels of ridiculous would be equal to this.


Nature Calls

Easily the best thing I've come across this week. I'm not normally such a sap but it's very engaging, brilliantly made and worth a look at...



Rhythm is a Danson

So, the other day my main squeeze and I sat in a taxi listening to the tunage that is "Rhythm is a Dancer". If you grew up in the 90's, you're totally going to remember it and love it too!

He thought it was funny to sing along and replace the word 'Dancer' with 'Danson'...as in Ted Danson of Cheers fame. Cue an endless, and hilarious, night of trying to fit 'Danson' in anything that has the word 'Dancer' in it. We were entertained for hours! (It seems we don't have that much to do...)

Ok, yes, we may be losers but we produced some brilliant ones like this,

...and where did the above come from, I hear you ask? Well, yes, you guessed it. We've got a whole website full of them. You can even follow it on Twitter! Submit some of your own (but it won't be better than mine).