Hello. I am (actually) Ambreena...

...But whenever I tell people my name, they think I'm saying "I'm Breena". So, therefore, there is a small, probably insignificant, number of people out there that think my name is Breena. Which is fine with me.

So now all this name palava is out of the way, I can thank you for coming to visit. Thanks.

I work as an Online Community Manager and Social Media strategist, which makes me sound like a right douchebag but it's fun and normally means I get to meet a lot of people and spend my time on Facebook (it's work!)

And here - I write small, little things about what I get up to and funny/interesting things I find on t'internet. Have a look, it's ok, I guess.

If you want to drop me an e-mail, then feel free. I like e-mails. iambreena@gmail.com

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