Fun Politicians and Naked Clocks?


I came across a couple of things today which put a smile on my face.

The first - this...

How great is that?! It's exactly what Parliament needs. I think they all need to wear musical ties and join forces to make one massive orchestral, monotone, super-band. It's exactly what this country has been missing for years and not to mention it will make for great TV, where at least 10 people will be tuned in to BBC Parliament on Sky 504 (I know too much...).

The second - well, to be honest, I don't really know where to start with this. It's pretty...weird.
Yes, it's called the 'Nudemen Clock' and well, it's a clock made up of nude men! You can see the real-time clock here. Give it a click and it'll even go all digital on your ass. If you're sitting there thinking "Whatevs, that's well lame. What am I gonna do with that?" Then I shall tell you now that you can download this as an app for your iPhone. Telling the time has never been so fun...and a little weird...and probably a bit pointless.

Well, looks like it's time for me to go...eh? eh? anyone? nothing? ok.

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