Tiredness Kills (my weekends)

It's Friday!

And I, for one, fully intend on sitting in my pyjamas all weekend, sleep until midday and watch the Eastenders Omnibus.

I haven't had a quiet weekend in so long and I am sooooooo tired (the extra "o's" denotes super-tiredness, which means I am obviously proper tired).

I did, however, come across this weird and wonderful thing today, which might help in my little quest to eliminate my feeling of tiredness...

Watch it in "full-screen" mode and it's surprisingly comforting, a visual placebo if you like. All credit goes to Matt Stafford, otherwise known as, Hirsute Gentleman. Check him out, because he's properly awesome.

Right. Time for me to get into my pyjamas. I shan't be taking it off until Monday morning. Don't judge me.


Because you never know...

It already feels like ages since I last posted!

Anyway, came across this very interesting thing today. It's brilliant! And not to mention, so incredibly useful.

Thank me later...

 To see it in all its glory, click here.


Fun Politicians and Naked Clocks?


I came across a couple of things today which put a smile on my face.

The first - this...

How great is that?! It's exactly what Parliament needs. I think they all need to wear musical ties and join forces to make one massive orchestral, monotone, super-band. It's exactly what this country has been missing for years and not to mention it will make for great TV, where at least 10 people will be tuned in to BBC Parliament on Sky 504 (I know too much...).

The second - well, to be honest, I don't really know where to start with this. It's pretty...weird.
Yes, it's called the 'Nudemen Clock' and well, it's a clock made up of nude men! You can see the real-time clock here. Give it a click and it'll even go all digital on your ass. If you're sitting there thinking "Whatevs, that's well lame. What am I gonna do with that?" Then I shall tell you now that you can download this as an app for your iPhone. Telling the time has never been so fun...and a little weird...and probably a bit pointless.

Well, looks like it's time for me to go...eh? eh? anyone? nothing? ok.


Designer Ice...and I'm not talking about the bling

So next month sees London Fashion Week coming to town and to be honest, I'm neither here nor there. I've not been to any of the shows before. My sister and I planned to go last year and just didn't for whatever reason.

I know if I do end up going, I'll be completely taken in by the glamour of it all, wide-eyed, mouth open and skipping around. I may even turn into the 'Double Rainbow' guy. Who knows?!

Anyway, there is a reason I brought up all this London Fashion malarkey. If there was a reason to go then this would be it,

Chanel Ice cream! No, I don't think you get it, it's Chanel Ice Cream. I stumbled across this while surfing t'internet. Now, I'm not sure whether it's real or not and to be honest I can't really imagine that it would be better than a Wall's Cornetto but it's awesome and it sure is purdy. In fact, it might be too pretty to eat but I can cross that bridge if I ever get to it.

So, there we have it. We now have designer ice-cream. Whatever next?! Gucci chips...oh.


Hello. I am (actually) Ambreena...

...But whenever I tell people my name, they think I'm saying "I'm Breena". So, therefore, there is a small, probably insignificant, number of people out there that think my name is Breena. Which is fine with me.

So now all this name palava is out of the way, I can thank you for coming to visit. Thanks.

I work as an Online Community Manager and Social Media strategist, which makes me sound like a right douchebag but it's fun and normally means I get to meet a lot of people and spend my time on Facebook (it's work!)

And here - I write small, little things about what I get up to and funny/interesting things I find on t'internet. Have a look, it's ok, I guess.

If you want to drop me an e-mail, then feel free. I like e-mails. iambreena@gmail.com