Tiredness Kills (my weekends)

It's Friday!

And I, for one, fully intend on sitting in my pyjamas all weekend, sleep until midday and watch the Eastenders Omnibus.

I haven't had a quiet weekend in so long and I am sooooooo tired (the extra "o's" denotes super-tiredness, which means I am obviously proper tired).

I did, however, come across this weird and wonderful thing today, which might help in my little quest to eliminate my feeling of tiredness...

Watch it in "full-screen" mode and it's surprisingly comforting, a visual placebo if you like. All credit goes to Matt Stafford, otherwise known as, Hirsute Gentleman. Check him out, because he's properly awesome.

Right. Time for me to get into my pyjamas. I shan't be taking it off until Monday morning. Don't judge me.

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