Designer Ice...and I'm not talking about the bling

So next month sees London Fashion Week coming to town and to be honest, I'm neither here nor there. I've not been to any of the shows before. My sister and I planned to go last year and just didn't for whatever reason.

I know if I do end up going, I'll be completely taken in by the glamour of it all, wide-eyed, mouth open and skipping around. I may even turn into the 'Double Rainbow' guy. Who knows?!

Anyway, there is a reason I brought up all this London Fashion malarkey. If there was a reason to go then this would be it,

Chanel Ice cream! No, I don't think you get it, it's Chanel Ice Cream. I stumbled across this while surfing t'internet. Now, I'm not sure whether it's real or not and to be honest I can't really imagine that it would be better than a Wall's Cornetto but it's awesome and it sure is purdy. In fact, it might be too pretty to eat but I can cross that bridge if I ever get to it.

So, there we have it. We now have designer ice-cream. Whatever next?! Gucci chips...oh.

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