Get a (social) life

So this week was Social Media Week in London, which saw lots of events taking place around the city, where cool, media-types go and tweet their arses off...including me.

I felt well cool and actually it was rather fun. I had a bit of a busy week at work so it wasn't possible for me to go to a lot of them, although I did plan to!

Anyhow, I attended "10 Ways to suck at Social Media", hosted by Chemistry, which was quite light-hearted and informal. It looked at loads of case studies where companies got it wrong like the Vodafone and Nestle scandal but also where some have got it right, like Old Spice (who knew Grandad deodorant would make such a comeback!?). I thought it was quite interesting and if you want to have a cheeky look at the presentation you can find it here.

I also went to the British Library, where there was a talk from Rory Cellan-Jones, technology correspondent for the BBC, Ian Hogarth, co-founder of Songkick.com, Justine Roberts from Mumsnet and Fraser Doherty, who started SuperJam. They all spoke about how social media helps businesses, including their own. My favourite line from it was Rory saying that MySpace should've worked but "it was run by Californian dudes as opposed to Facebook being run by geeks." (LOLz)

Also, do check out Fraser Doherty's SuperJam because his presentation was hilarious (in a good way) and he was sexy...and Scottish...and he makes Jam.

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