My name is Ambreena and I am an Angry Bird

Good evening and a happy Friday to you all!

So anyone who owns an iPhone will be or has been obssesed by the wonderful app that is 'Angry Birds'. Why, I've heard tales of folk purchasing an iPhone (or any smartphone alike) just because it had been graced with the presence of an angry bird. It's so big, you can even buy the 'Angry Birds' plush toys*.

Now picture this Angry Bird fan. It's your birthday. Your Dad's made you a cake...a cake that is also a real life game of Angry Birds. No, I kid you not. It's beyond your wildest dreams, no need for the 3D glasses you kept to remind you of when you went to see Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never', it's there in real life and everything!

p.s. I wish he was my Dad.

*Collect them all. Each sold separately. Batteries not included. You had me at 'Hello'.


  1. If you keep mentioning the word "cake" I will keep reading your blog. It's like that psychology experiment with the dog and bell.