Rap it up

We all know user guides and tutorials can be just so goddamn boring. Lord knows, I've had to sit through a few.

However, a friend of mine sent me this* the other day and it turned out to be very...interesting.

I've watched it about 20 times already (not consecutively, I'm not that much of a loser) and aside from the fact that I've obviously found it quite addictive, I've also managed to pick up some stuff on how to use Adobe Photoshop and what the features mean! How cool is that?! If only all tutorials were like this one, I'd probably be a little bit better at stuff...and work.

Also, it's pretty darn funny. "Ah! An Urban". An Urban?? Brilliant.

You know what else is brilliant? This.

 * There was no bloomin' code to embed, so I've had to link to it instead. (Blimey, that rhymed...)

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